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We as a building services need plasterers all the time, we have been used Richard (RB plastering) since he started years ago and have never looked back, I can call him anytime and he will always do his best to be there soon as possible. The work he provides is outstanding and will use him for years to come.


Mr and Mrs Lindsay

Living room ceiling

We was worried about getting are ceiling board and plastered but if we was to know how much of a hassle free job Richard was going to do we needn’t of worried. We got Richard from a recommendation of a friend and we will do the same.


Joe and Nigel Sanderson

bathroom re-plaster

After taking are old tiles off are bathroom we realised we needed a plasterer and having taken are sink and bath out we didn’t know how long it was going to take but Richard had it done in the day. Was cleaner when he left than before he started.


Steffen Bartel

Living room wall

Excellent job, very happy with the work Richard has done.


Acorn installations


Richard birch has work with us for a year or so now on many jobs, he does his job very well and very polite to my customers.


Carol Parker

Kitchen, bathroom, living room

We started sorting the down stairs area of our house and after a while we thought it would be best to get it all plastered if we was going to get it how we wanted it. Richard did most of the work while we was on holiday, he opened up the old fireplace and plastered the whole living room ceiling without any problems, we came home after a long flight and with the cleanliness you wouldn’t of through anybody has been. 10 out of 10. Thank you.

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